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The Three Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Spearfishing

There are three points that I wish I knew when I started out spearfishing. I remember starting off really excited using a three prong, body surfing fins, board shorts, and a Clorox bottle and string. Not to mention a K-Mart mask and snorkel which leaked all the time.

As time progressed I thought I was being clever by patching up a very old spear gun that was 20 years old at the time. I spent a fair bit of money patching it up and realized after the first few dives that I was going to have to buy a new spear gun. That repair work on that gun cost almost what a new gun would have cost me.

Lesson 1: Buy or get good equipment.

I learned another lesson that is almost actually the same as the first.  Thinking that I knew what I was doing and being clever I bought a cheap one-piece wet-suit without a hood. I used that for a while and didn’t like it. I bought three more suits and I quickly realized why it took me four years to buy my first good open cell wet-suit.

When I bought that open cell wet suit I was bummed for not buying it in the beginning. I realized quite quickly and through basically making a couple of good errors that often times buying the right gear in the first place saves you money in the long run and you actually enjoy the experience a lot more.

Lesson 2: Get the right equipment the first time around.

Another thing I encourage you to do is take free-diving course. Another example of me making mistakes is when I started out it was hard getting advice. You know the internet wasn't as prolific or there wasn't as much information on the Internet as there is these days.  But I ended up bursting my eardrum didn't really know how to equalize gently. I was doing it forcefully and not often enough and ruptured my eardrum.

 I lost about 15 percent of my hearing and if I had done a free dive course and gotten that education it probably would have saved my ear from ringing.  It would have helped to actually progress a lot quicker too.

If I had gotten involved in a club or an online network or a community or an actual physical club that meets once a month. A place where you join a bunch of guys and actually just chat about problems that you're having or something that you're trying to overcome.

 Whether it's possibly a hunting technique or whether it's an equalization problem that you're having all of a sudden you have not just one person but 10, 20, 30 people that can actually comment and help you progress. It's a good environment for you to really progress with your spearfishing to overcome obstacles that you might have whether its equipment issues, whether your spear gun rubbers could be slightly too long or they could be slightly too short. Little components like that can really make a difference.

Lesson 3: Take or sign up for a Free Dive course, join a club, or become a member online. Remember that knowledge is always good.

Until next time, Dive safe.

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