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When new Spearfisherman or Spearfisherwomen get started, they often benefit from the guidance of more experienced divers. As guides or mentors, those divers provide lessons that help less experienced divers develop their skills and understanding of spearfishing. Experienced divers also like to spearfish with people who are better than they are to gain more knowledge and to push them to be better.

The Responsible Spear fisherman:

  1. Values and respects the marine environment and all living things in it. Educates others on the environment and how to maintain it.
  2. Employs the selectivity of spearfishing to take only what is needed, the selection of size, and when species are breeding.
  3. Uses patience and awareness in targeting fish, and avoids undersized or overfished species to help ensure healthy fish stocks now and into the future.
  4. Recognizes the limits of their ability, experience, and equipment, only pursuing prey when there is a high likelihood of success.
  5. Strives to dispatch their selected fish in a prompt and effective manner.
  6. Processes their catch to maintain quality and avoid waste.
  7. Undertakes to learn and comply with applicable laws and regulations and follows safe spearfishing practices.
  8. Helps others to enjoy and respect the marine environment through exemplary conduct and mentorship.
  9. Recognizes the significance of promoting accurate perceptions of spearfishing.
  10. Upholds the highly selective, honorable and ethical nature of responsible spearfishing.

Spearfishing for Our Future!

A Choice:
Spearfishing is one of the most selective methods know for harvesting fish.

A Commitment:
The spearfishing community is committed to encouraging responsible spearfishing and believes that promotion of this Spearfishing Code of Conduct can help chart a path to a better future.

A Path Forward:
By setting forth basic principles reflecting the selective nature of spearfishing, this Code of Conduct seeks to educate and guide divers as they participate in spearfishing and progress into becoming exemplary mentors to others.

Special Thanks to Dixie Divers for the outline of the Code of Ethics.

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