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Today we are going to discuss a subject that we just touched on earlier.


What Do We Mean By Streamlining?

Streamlining is an important skill to master in order to be the most efficient you can be underwater. To be the most efficient underwater you want to have the most compact profile you can have.

And, of course, the more efficient you are underwater, the longer you will be able to stay underwater. Needless to say, longer bottom time is something we can all appreciate.

So today let's begin by talking about what you are carrying with you on your dive.

The first thing you want to do is ASSESS.

Do you really need it?

Is it going to get in the way of the dive?

That big flashlight and a backup when you are doing a dive during the day really necessary?

Do you need to carry your own reel?

Whatever the object may be, just give it some concentrated thought and decide if you really do need to bring it with you on your dive.

Once you decide what you are going to take, put some effort into securing it to your body. You don't want anything dangling from your gear setup.

First, this will create drag and make you work harder and increase your air consumption.

Second, it will help protect your equipment from hitting the bottom/coral/other surfaces; this benefits both your equipment and the coral. It will also help lessen the risk of your gear getting caught on something during the dive.

So before you go under:

  • Look over your equipment, strap it to you and it's not dangling.
  • Use as little gear that you can get away with.
  • Make sure nothing is creating drag.

Next time you dive make sure you are streamed lined enough and dive safe.

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