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Tiny Monsters in the Sea

Tiny Monsters in the Sea

Warming ocean waters are an invitation to all sorts of pathogens with the potential to remake ocean life. In July 2015, the United States government invited Drew Harvell, a marine ecologist at Cornell University in New York, to SeaSick, a congressional briefing...

Spearfishing and the Demon it Holds

Spearfishing and the Demon it Holds

It’s a sunny afternoon, and the boulevard in Taganga is boiling with people as usual on a Sunday afternoon, I was walking with a beautiful Brazilian Yogini with whom I’d practice a little Yoga on the beach. I met her couple days before, and we were chatting on...

The Basic Shore Dive Setup

The Basic Shore Dive Setup

How to Set Up for A Shore Dive  In the last Article, we went over the Dangers of Shore Diving.  Here is a continuation of that article.  Here we are going to show you basic equipment set up, to do a Shore...

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We are a community for Spear Fishermen and women with a passion for the Spear Fishing Life, the environment, the catch and feeling like you are there. If you share the same love for Spear Fishing, you will feel at home here, welcome to SFG.


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